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Forefront releases summary of Illinois' nonprofit needs during COVID-19

The following is an excerpt from Forefront's Nonprofit Survey Report, released March 24, 2020.

On Monday, March 16, Forefront administered a survey open to all Illinois nonprofits inquiring about their staff, programmatic, and organizational needs in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. More than 1,300 nonprofits from across the state submitted responses. Organization responses ranged from staff sizes of less than 5 to 100+ staff, with annual operational budgets from less than $100,000 to $10+ million.

As Forefront extrapolates and analyzes this data, the preliminary information allows us to respond immediately to this crisis and fulfill the needs of the sector now and as they develop.

We heard one consistent message from across the nonprofit community: Organizations and communities need flexible financial resources right now. Based on the survey results, Forefront makes the following recommendations for funders and the public sector.

501(c)(3) organizations in Illinois need:

• General operating support

• Funding extensions

• Restricted grants changed to unrestricted

• Eased reporting and application rules for grants


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